Why You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For Everything

Why You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For Everything


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There are only a few men capable to admit that they are wrong (because we rarely are). What the other men don’t know is that apologizing for a mistake is being the greater man.

Most men would never say that they were wrong and apologize to their girlfriend, but others are constantly using the “I’m sorry, my love!” too often.

If you are one of those men who say that they are sorry for every little thing in front of their girlfriend, you should consider learning why, when and how to give your apologies. If you constantly excuse yourself it will become meaningless.

Why should you apologize?

Let’s say that you are stuck in traffic and you were supposed to pick her up for the dinner. Should you apologize and make her feel less angry because you made her wait for you? Well, no. Since it wasn’t your fault that the traffic is blocked, what to apologize for? If you apologize to her that you made her wait it will make her happy, but it will also get her used in throwing the blame on you for everything. Plus, if you keep on saying you’re sorry even for the things you’re not to blame for, she will perceive you as her rag doll. 

Is she worthy of your apologies?

It’s safe to presume that at least 65% of common petty arguments between partners are caused by the fact that a man won’t apologize to his woman when she expects it. Even if for men some things and situations are normal and a small deal, women tend to look at it differently. If you don’t know what made her mad today, here you have a list of some of the most common reasons provided directly from women:

-you are late for dinner

-you haven’t returned her phone call

-you haven’t made her your priority

-you flirted with the woman from the coffee shop

-you don’t like/you are rude to her family/friends

-you don’t satisfy her sexually

-you insult her

-you tell her in the face that she looks fat lately

Even if each situation presented on this list looks pretty bad and should require huge apologies, there are times when there is a significant excuse behind your actions.

If you come to the conclusion that you should apologize to her, you have to learn how to do it with a certain meaning and power.

Be real, don’t fake it

If you want to make her understand that you are really sorry for your mistake, you have to trust your own words first. Also, when you apologize, look into her eyes, but not too much, otherwise it would seem daring and unworthy of trust.

Learn to say you’re sorry when you really need to say so. If it’s not your fault for the fact that she’s upset, comfort her or make her understand that it wasn’t your fault, but don’t just apologize to give an end to a possible argument.

Calm down at the right time

If caught up in a heated argument with your girlfriend, remind yourself that you can take a break from that verbal war and get back to your rational thinking. Take time to calm down and avoid making the mistake of excusing your comments if it’s not needed. You could also just take a walk for a minute and find a little bit of peace. After that, you can go on with the discussion under normal terms and states of mind.

Solve your relationship problems before going to bed

It’s recommended that you go to bed with your partner in a calm and clarified mood. Make sure to end all the possible arguments on that particular subject before going to bed. Also, avoid remembering her about that argument in the morning. Each argument has to be like a read an understood chapter of a novel which ended at a certain point.

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