Why your friends dont like your girlfriend

Why your friends donít like your girlfriend


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A new girlfriend will change the dynamics of your friends group and also, of your life. Face it or not, love changes things. So what should we do when our friends are not agreeing with the love of our lives? Must we choose between a romantic relationship and our friends?

That’s a bad scenario, so what you can do, is to find the problem and fix it. Here I share with you 3 reasons why your friends might want you single.

1. Less time spent together

Believe it or not, your friends can feel jealous. They get the sense of losing you, especially if your relationship is so serious that they can predict a marriage. Usually, this is what happens. Before getting to adulthood you have your gang of friends, after which you meet one girl that practically charms you away. You get married and forget about the friends because your time will be limited, your priorities different. But these things can be changed. There still are guys who keep seeing their friends. It’s true, not so frequently, but at least constantly. Make you gang understand that you won’t disappear from the gang, but also try to introduce your girlfriend to the circle, right from start.

2. Afraid of a broken heart

Perhaps they see something that you don’t. Some girlfriends act in a really cute and sweet way in front of their partner, but among other people they have a totally different attitude. Talk to them if you see that they still don’t like her, perhaps you might be able to figure out what’s the problem.

3. She is annoying them with her presence

Imagine that you fell in love with a real beauty. Have you ever thought that her looks took your mind away from her personality? Your friends will not feel a romantic attraction for her, for sure. All they will be able to do is scan her character. If they can’t stand her with her rambling about modeling and fashion, it means that something is tricky in her personality, personality that you might see foggy because of her looks. Talk to her, try to pay attention to how she acts around your friends and put yourself in their shoes. You might discover some things about her and even about you.

The ideal is to try as hard as you can to bring together all the people you love. 

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