Why I stay home on Saturday nights

Why I stay home on Saturday nights


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Saturday night is the last night of the week in which someone can go out and meet new people, on a date or stay at home because they know it’s going to be a bad night. In this case, staying at home doesn’t sound all that bad.

If people go out thinking like this.

There is a vibe that fills the Saturday night air, that of nervous people. If you look, for example, around a bar or a restaurant, you will see people, and you can tell that they all want, desire, search and look, but they don’t seem to be connecting. You will see all kinds of groups of people, walking around and men checking out women, but not really talking to them.

You can see women getting hit on by a bunch of men with whom they don’t really want to talk to or don’t feel attracted to and so they stick to the group of friends just to protect each other from all the annoying chit chats and cheesy pick-up lines.

Not that fun, is it?

Saturday night should be a night of self-exploration in which you spend some time with yourself, learn to love yourself or doing things that you like. If you do actually feel the need to socialize but don’t want to go out you can try to do some online dating. It’s definitely one of the best nights to do this because you are not the only one that didn’t go out and most certainly not the only one that is frustrated about all the bad dates and the entire endless search for a connection.

I, for example, on a Saturday night I like going out to my favorite restaurant, sit by myself, enjoy my meal and maybe even talk to someone that is also alone. This way I have some time to think about the week that passed, reflect on how I feel, what I am doing with my life and mostly do things that make me feel comfortable.

After this I go home and log on a dating site to see who else is online. I reply to some emails and send some to the women I find online because I’m sure that they feel just like me right then and there.

That’s what’s awesome about online dating: you have the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t usually meet in a public place. It’s a really good plan especially if you cancel a date, or something doesn’t go well with your going out plans. It’s always there if you need someone to talk to and connect on an emotional level because women on a dating site are relationship oriented.

Get my drift?

I know that people enjoy life in a different way than me, especially their Saturday nights and for me, I don’t need to go out anymore. I like waking up refreshed on a Sunday morning and just relax for the rest of the day.

The point of Saturday night is that you can’t seem to find someone of high quality or someone with whom you can really share a connection because they are all out chasing the night.

Just try this once:  when your friends ask you to join them out, tell them that you need some time for yourself, some time to enjoy yourself. 

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