Will she judge you by your Facebook account

Will she judge you by your Facebook account?


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Facebook is a strong monster. You might feel that it’s been there forever, but it’s not. Facebook is only in its early ages, having less than 10 years. This gigantic monster is making tricks and traps for any man and I am speaking here about network etiquette and its tentacles spreading to online dating. Still, you have to know that many men encounter this problem, of not knowing how to properly act on their Facebook page not to upset the ladies.

How should you act?

No matter how attractive is that certain woman whom you have recently met, don’t change your way of acting on Facebook. This means that you shouldn’t rush home after meeting her and change your profile picture with another one which seems better, in case you’ll add her or she will, as a friend on the Facebook friendship list.

The golden rule of Facebook is to stay away from weird pictures or photos that might raise questions and explanations. Actually, it’s very wise to post as rarely as you can. Many women find it almost ugly from a man to stay half of the day online on his Facebook account just to “like” some status updates or upload some dumb photos and videos.  

Face it, your activity and behavior on Facebook does matter when you want to impress a woman and get her on a date. To have a good balance, just manage your online time tightly and keep some distance.

Managing your relationships on Facebook

Once you succeeded in making your Facebook profile and timeline attractive, you now have to take care of your romantic and “maybe” romantic relationships with some of those users. 

When women start posting stuff on your timeline, either some “Hello” or some song they want you to listen; people around you will tell different things. There are men who say that it’s not good for you to have a lot of posts from other women on your timeline, because you seem to be a player. But you see, actually that’s not a bad thing. Women love competition and seeing a socially active man having so much success will only intrigue them.  On the other hand, if you have a bare timeline, without posts from other users on it, won’t be a big deal. Women will just come to the conclusion that you are not so active on Facebook and that’s not a bad thing, either.

The more important aspect of your behavior on Facebook is related to the way you approach the women you like online. Do not send her too many messages or post too much stuff on her wall. These actions reveal a needy and desperate attitude which is never attractive. You can send her a message now and then, to remind her about you and not to seem too distant, but in general, try and let her be the one who chases you.

The whole secret to a good behavior on networks like Facebook is the common sense. Don’t pay too much attention to the site, use it wisely and precisely, because it can really help you grow your relationships. 

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