Winning the woman you want

Winning over the woman you want


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Two Guys One Girl

Sometimes it may happen that two or more guys are chasing after the same girl, but if you are one of these guys maybe you are wondering what you can do in this type of situation. The answer is simple: you should make fun of it no matter how frustrating you think it may be. By doing so, you will seem more powerful while the other men will start to lose composure and look ridiculous. If you keep your calm and just make fun of the unfortunate efforts the others are making to get a girl’s attention, you will be more likely to win her in the end.


Two Girls One Guy

When there are more women who like you and you cannot decide which one you like or whether you even like any of them, you should just ask for their numbers. You can date both of them and see how it goes, but you should never deceive them into believing you want to have a relationship unless you do. Be honest with them and take your time to decide whether you want to have something serious with one of them and forget about the other or you just want to date them both.


Competing For the Woman You Like

Even if there is no competition at the moment, and you are the only one who tries to get this girl, something does not seem right. Maybe she acts indifferent and does not return your calls or maybe she avoids you. Either way, you want this girl and for her to want you as well, but what can you do? The answer is nothing. You have probably already tried to contact her and see her so now just lay back and wait. Once she realizes that you are not looking for her anymore, she will start to wonder why you’ve lost your interest in her. It will be just a matter of days until she will be contacting you because she will not accept the idea that you no longer like her. The thing is, when women know you want them, they automatically start to play hard to get. That’s the most common reason why they don’t return your calls or show you any interest, but once you start to beat them at their own game, they will be the ones looking for you.


No matter how you are competing for a girl, always make sure to play it cool and relaxed, to be confident and honest. The worst thing you can possibly do is to become desperate and act like a wuss. You want to be a real man for your woman and not a baby.

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