Worst first date ideas

Worst first date ideas


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As a man, if you do not plan your first date right, you might kiss goodbye the second one. To plan the first date might be tricky if you do not have the necessary skills or if you are not romantic. Even if you want to show a girl a good time, you might still end up planning a bad date, and that will not be good for you.

Most common mistakes men make when it comes to a first date happen because they tend to take it too far and to overwhelm the woman, or because during the date, they do not focus on their partner during the date, but on the scenery.

1. Do not complicate it

A first date should be simple, inexpensive and in a place where you can get to know each other. You mustn’t plan a complicated first date.

If you want to be smart about it, you should plan a great second date, because if during the first date you just start to know each other, during the second one you want to have fun and impress the girl you’re with by being creative and making her laugh.

Even if you think you might have a few ideas for a first date, check this list and I can assure you that you will have a successful first date.

Keep in mind that women tend to be really nervous when meeting someone new and that your goal during the date is to make her feel more comfortable. You should be calm, cool and collected during it and she will see your confidence and relax as well.

2. Shoes matter

Women will always wear nice shoes on a first date because they think that shoes impress you, so, taking her somewhere where her shoes are inappropriate is not a good idea. If you haven’t previously talked about an outdoor date or one that involves comfortable shoes, do not take her there.

Moreover, if you are not both exercise enthusiasts, don’t take a girl out on a first date somewhere where she has to work out or do sports.

3. Weird food

This is definitely a NO. Even if you think you will blow her mind by taking her in a place where she can taste sushi or Thai food because she will notice your interest in culinary specialties, but she might not enjoy it as much as you think.

Also remember that women are picky when it comes to food. Ask her previously to the date what she likes to eat.

4. Noisy places

On a first date is all about getting to know each other so you shouldn’t be taking her to a place where there is loud music and lots of alcohol, because you will not be able to carry on a conversation.

Excluding the loud bass, alcohol also doesn’t help as it leads to poor judgment, making you lose control and that is not a good idea for a first date.

5. Fancy restaurants

You should avoid extravagant restaurants because most women do not feel very comfortable in one. You have to choose a place that it is somewhere in the middle when it comes to price, atmosphere and location. Be somewhere between casual and fancy, with a little more tendency towards casual.

6. Never on a first date

These next places are the worst ones when it comes to taking a girl out on a first date: X-rated movies, your parent’s house, overnight trip, avoid places where you might run into your ex, haunted places, strip clubs or another country.

Most women think their first date is as bad as their partner makes it. If you are easy going, you respect her and you can make her laugh, she will think that that is her best date ever, no matter what.

If you are rude, bore her, or you are obnoxious and weird you can take her in the greatest place ever and she will still hate it.

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