Writing the second e-mail

Writing the second e-mail


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You have already read the article about writing her the first e-mail to initiate contact, the problem many guys have is that they manage to initiate contact, the woman also replies, but then they have nothing else to say.

If you have sent her the first e-mail, then I have to congratulate you for initiating contact. However, once she replied to you, why do you feel it so hard to continue talking? Receiving an answer from her means she is interested in talking to you, so don’t freak out and continue the conversation.

The best thing I could think about is inviting her for tea, for instance. It doesn’t put pressure on her like a normal date would and you can use the excuse of getting to know each other better. Tell her that talking via e-mails it’s not so comfortable and efficient and that you would like to have the chance to talk with her in person. You have nothing to lose by doing so; in fact you can only win from this situation. If you wouldn’t send her a second e-mail because you have no idea what to write her, than you will definitely never see her again, but if you try to date her she might answer in a positive way.

When communicating with a woman always show her you are a confident man who is not afraid to approach her and knows what he wants. Confidence is sexy, and if you add a bit of a funny attitude to go with it, then you will have the perfect and irresistible combination of a strong man. Women love that, so don’t be afraid of talking to her and inviting her out. If she tells you that she would like to know you better before going out, you can continue the conversation by e-mail and postpone the date.

Remember, even if you will get rejected, don’t take it too personally. You have to practise and improve your technique. Next time you will know what you did wrong and how you can change your approach.

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