Your car defines you

Your car defines you


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A car is important, perhaps the most important asset of your dating life. But to be fair, there are a lot of misunderstandings on how a car can help you in your love life.

Is it really necessary to have an expensive car to be able to impress a woman? Most of today’s men don’t have the budget to pay for the latest model of Porsche.

Of course, in the dark corners of their heart, each man would love to drive a Porsche, BMW or at least Audi. But the reality is that the majority are driving a Toyota or a Honda.

The secret

You are too worried about what type of a car you own. Actually, you should focus on the condition and state of your car.

When you have to pick up a woman for a date, it’s not at all a smart move to gather the garbage from your front sit in order for her to take a sit. It will look like you are a messy and careless man.

Your car should say that you are a well-kept man. In this idea, keep your car clean, inside and outside. You never know when you will have to pick up a woman. Remember, women ask only for a car that states a man who’s having control over his life.

The brand doesn’t count

What matters is your car’s condition, no matter who produced it. Keep in mind that your car is a sign of independence, of control and responsibility. Take care of it by keeping it clean and functional. The woman you will pick up for a date will surely observe and appreciate these things. 

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