Your email attitude

Your email attitude


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The most generally applied rule on humans is that “One will always want what he can’t have.” Online dating makes no exception to this condition. Writing emails and messages when you are dating someone online is a tricky business and you must be extremely careful not to send the wrong message.

There are at least 5 signs which might show you clearly that you should change something about your emails sent to women.

Too many questions

Of course, you like her pretty much and you want to get to know her fast and well. That’s why you are going to ask her a handful of questions in each email you send her. Try to stop doing that. There are little to no chances for her to respond to all your questions. Why? Well because, responding to so many questions in just one email is consuming her time. Plus, asking too many questions too soon, she will think that you are desperate and overeager. You don’t want her to believe that, no matter if it’s real.

Writing too much

Emails can be longer than texts, sure, but you don’t have to make her a short-story every time you reply.

Actually, it’s recommended to write a mail which takes no more than one minute to read. If you pass over this limit she will start asking herself why you try to impress her so much.

Plus, keeping it short and clean will make her ask more questions if she’s interested in you and create a bit of mystery.

Over-complimenting her

She is beautiful and you can’t help but drool when looking at her pictures. So you decide to compliment her several times on how amazing she is and how humble you are in her presence.

Well this trick might have worked when you were a teenager and that girl needed all the compliments she could get. Now, if you are all grown-up, you should show her that you are used to dating beautiful women so there is no reason for you to bomb her with all your idolatry. If you still want to compliment her you should just tell her she looks beautiful when you meet her in person.

Telling her the two of you could be perfect together

There are many men who send emails to women just to tell them that they might be perfect together since they have so many things in common and their compatibility percentage is so high. Well, let me tell you that it’s kind of easy to have a high compatibility on online dating sites, but in real life is all about chemistry, if you have that too, it’s great. Otherwise, it’s just pointless to tell a woman in a mail that the two of you could be perfect together regarding the match percentage. Moreover, it’s not so attractive to grab this point in order to get her attention since many men do the same and it’s always worthless. 

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