Your relationship status on Facebook is important

Your relationship status on Facebook is important


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We women love titles and statuses, no matter if it’s being a girlfriend in middle school or a fiancé at 27 it makes no difference to us. We base some feelings of security on titles, it’s just how we are and as for what Facebook is concerned, it’s beginning to be somewhat of a big deal if you don’t change your status to “in a relationship”.

The relationship you have with a woman in the real world, according to a woman, must also be transposed to the online environment, namely Facebook. As it may seem something trivial and quite silly, a woman actually cares whether or not your relationship status is up-to-date because it shows them that you are comfortable with her, comfortable with your friends and family finding out about her, and especially letting your ex-girlfriend know that you’re taken.

Even if you don’t care and you don’t want to, change your relationship status for her, it will make her feel much better and more comfortable with you as well and it will relieve some early relationship tension. 

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