Advice on how to attract women

Advice on how to attract women


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If you want the woman you’re interested in to remark you and desire you, forget about the old school methods of courting a girl. Don’t act like in high school. If you want a stylish woman, a woman of value, act equally to her worthiness.

The majority of women appreciate you for thinking about them and paying them attention. Think about what could catch her attention? Try and read her, use your intuition to discover what could make her smile, what could make her say yes without a thought more? It could be simple as flowers and an elegant dinner? Or could it be something more sophisticated, like a yacht ride near sundown? Use anything that you believe fits her style just don’t follow blindly out-dated tips found in cheap magazines. Give it some thought. To help you in this discovery all I can do is give you some guidelines, something to hold on.

1. Anticipate

Let’s say she’s your co-worker and she is mentioning her aunt being in a nursing home and how she is going each Friday to visit her, after work. Prepare for her aunt a cute pack of goodies and give it to her, saying that her aunt reminds you of your grandmother who passed away a few months ago. This is a nice gesture as it shows that you are sensible and thoughtful. She might even ask you to be her company at the next visit.

2. Listen

Maybe she’s the barista at your favorite coffee shop, a girl who always smiles and is full of energy even at 7 am when you are craving for a nice cup of coffee. One day you find her sad and distracted and hear that her cat is sick and there’s no hope since she has no idea where to search for help. Take note of this event in her life and ask all of your friends with pets the name of their vet. For the next day, make a list with all the names and addresses and hand it to her. She will be compelled with gratitude.

3. Be thoughtful

Look at number 1 and 2 and realize that most women appreciate a thoughtful man. Supposing she’s one of your not so close friends from your circle, you meet her one afternoon in the bar, alone and with a less happy face. She tells you that she was just kicked out from work. Let her count you the whole story and after that console her by saying that she’s an intelligent and beautiful woman and she will find a better job in no time. But, until then there is no point in having such a sad atmosphere and instead, the two of you should drink something and maybe play some pool. For sure she will admire your generosity and your capability of changing the atmosphere.

No matter who she is or what she’s making for a living, a little bit of anticipation, thoughtfulness and attention will bring you right in her spotlight. 

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