Charm is everything

Charm is everything


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It is said that when you want to attract a woman, especially a beautiful one, it is 10% projection of success, 10% appearance, 10% intelligence and the rest charm. A study revealed that 85% of the subjects, men and women, are attracted to someone based on charm.

There are people who are born with a natural charm, while others lack this characteristic or have never learned this technique, which can be picked up with daily social communication. This doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to do it.  Once you learn what is charming to other people, with practice, can become part of your personality.

Practice your charm

You should know that charm is just the art of telling someone that you feel good about them without asking anything in return. These tips will help you accomplish your goals and become attractive:

1. You should never forget to look into someone’s eyes when talking to them as eye contact is the charm’s ally.

2.  If you want to be charming, you must compliment someone. If you do not know what to compliment, just think what would please you to hear and say it to the other person. This might seem as flattery but it is a major difference between charm and flattery as the latest is usually done to obtain something, while charm is a way of being instead of a way of achievement.

3.  You must be sincere. You are more charming when you actually believe what you are saying.

4. It should not be forced. Charm must always be pleasant and light.

5. Be selfless and do not ask for anything in return, not even feedback.

6. Charm shouldn’t be sexual but warming.

7. If you want to be charming you must exert confidence, not arrogance.

8. Charm should just say: You are amazing, thank you for letting me bask in your glow.

If you do not want to appear as insincere, you must practice it. You can start being charming with your mom, dog, neighbors, sister, dad, boss, friends or even strangers. Do not forget to smile, and you will be amazed how charming people will be in return. The secret is to not exaggerate. Charm can be fun and is also a very important tool in interpersonal relations, so practice and enjoy it!

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