Don’t be a lazy dater

Don’t be a lazy dater


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Online dating sites are a precious gift for all the people who wanted to meet their love in a safe and fun environment. Online dating offers you a lot of opportunities to meet women whom you couldn’t say hello to in person or out of reach. Still, like all the good things, there always is a down-size. Many men started to ask themselves if online dating has turned them into lazy daters.


A few years ago, a man would pick his best shirt, use the best perfume and have impeccable hairstyle. Now, the same guy wears the yesterday’s T-shirt and the over-used blue jeans, messy hair, no flowers, no perfume and a bad-ass attitude. What happened? Oh, well… It is known that where there is plenty you don’t feel like making an effort. If the woman is not impressed by you as you are in your natural state, why bother? There are plenty of other women available at only one click away. Well, let me give you some reasons on why men should still be active daters as in making preparations for a date and try to impress a woman.

If you want quality, offer quality

If you think that women of high rate will come to you just like that and you don’t need to put any effort, you are wrong. As in life, there will always be a balance between good and bad. Therefore, highly rated men who work on their appearance and constantly want to impress with their good manners will meet high quality women who value themselves and appreciate the efforts of such men. On the other side, it’s obvious that men who lack self-respect and are uninterested in having a good appearance will attract mainly women who have the same personality design.

Online research is facile

It’s true that the Internet gives you many possibilities of finding women who might be interested in you. The other side of the coin is that women too, have now the possibility to check up on each guy they meet online. With all the info a woman can find on the web, she will have an image of the man she is going to date and can decide in advance if she should meet him or not. So, if you think that you can trick a highly rated woman into going out on a date with you, a man who believes that there is plenty of fish in the sea, you might be disappointed. 

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