The Importance Of Looks And Attitude

The Importance Of Looks And Attitude


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You may think that handsome guys or those with above average looks are more likely to get a woman’s attention. That may be the case, but unless they have the right attitude, women will avoid them. So what do you need to have in order to successfully approach a woman?

First of all, looks are important, but attitude is a must-have when approaching a woman. No matter what kind of pick-up line you may use, unless you say it in a confident and funny way, they will not respond and I will tell you why. Women will not be impressed by a scared and nervous guy who is trying to approach them with a smart-ass line. However, if you say it in a way that makes her wonder whether you are interested in her or not, you have better chances of success.

When approaching a woman in a bar, you can ask her what she is drinking with a cocky, but at the same time funny attitude. Just relax and act confidently. Women love that. Nevertheless, do not fall into extremes. Acting too cocky will make you look arrogant, whereas trying to be too funny will make look like a clown. I know it is not an easy task to set a balance between the two, but truth is, only practice makes it perfect. You may fail to draw her attention at first, but you should not give up or take it too personally. You have plenty of time to exercise your magic.

Try to imagine in what kind of situation you may meet women and how you could possibly approach them. Then, when you find yourself in this kind of situation, try to be as charming as possible. Be confident and at the same time funny to make her think about you.

After meeting a woman and approaching her, try to review your encounter and ask yourself what you could have done better. Should you have used a different tone when talking to her or maybe you should have been more confident? Truth is, every man is different and you should find your own way of picking up women. What works with some men might not work with others so you only have to find the strategy that fits you best.

Always remember, being handsome is not everything. Women are usually more drawn to men with an impressive attitude. So go out there and show her that you have what it takes to make her yours.

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