Top 10: What makes a man attractive

Top 10: What makes a man attractive?


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The other days I was talking with two friends of mine who went on some dates with men they met on online dating sites. Both of them are mature, attractive and intelligent women who can very well make it on their own, but look for a man to have near them.

How can you decide when it’s time for the first date?
After talking for a while through messages and emails with a certain man, you get to learn some things about him and get to know how his personality is or what passions he has. Even so, this is not enough to receive a confirmation of your compatibility with him. From your online interaction with him, sometimes you can figure out from the start how well you could get along with him. Of course, if the two of you keep the connection alive, it’s natural to take the next step: meeting face-to-face.

One of my friends dated a man for two or three times, thinking that it’s worth giving him some time of accommodation. The talks were pleasant, discovering some shared traits and interests. Apart from this, even if he liked her a lot, she found him rather dull, incapable of being attracted to him on any point, starting with his hair, teeth, attitude and style.

Everybody knows that the first date is the decisive one, but because she appreciated him for his good soul, she accepted to date him another couple of times, hoping she will get attached to him if he would do some changes in his image and style.
She even suggested how he could become more attractive, in terms of a better wardrobe or hairstyle. Sadly, he changed nothing so nothing happened.
My other friend is highly attractive and with great style.
She goes at her date with the man she spoke for a couple of weeks. The man remains mesmerized by her looks, thinking how a woman like her could date a man like him.

She dated him because she liked him as a person. Plus, he was raising 3 children on his own.
He came wearing some inappropriate clothes, incapable of offering an interesting discussion or making an atmosphere. So she drank her coffee and left smiling with indulgence.
Both of my friends accepted to meet persons in real life because they had a good image in the online world. The reality was a failure.

An attractive man is made by great attitude, solid education and trustworthiness.
Men want attractive women. The first thing that gets them interested into a woman is her looks. The truth is that both aspects are important in a relationship: the exterior and the interior.
Let’s talk a little about what holds us into place from having other dates and getting the relationship we want.

Some ideas:
1. Smile
The smile is one of the main points of attraction in a man. When a man smiles, the woman relaxes, her protective walls getting weaker. A beautiful smile is the magnet that makes women interested.

2. Manliness
On the first date, the first thing women notice at a man is his body configuration. Yes, we are interested in your looks, at first, too. The way you move and speak makes a woman pay attention to you and become attracted to your presence.

3. Confidence
The sense of confidence makes a real man. Show her confidence in your powers and don’t back off. Make her feel protected.
Perhaps you don’t know this, but there’s not one woman who resists a man’s power of seduction, when that man is confident and reliable.

4. Eye contact
A man who knows how to keep eye contact with a woman is a man with communicational skills. It’s the best way of listening what a woman wants to say. Also, it makes her feel special and interesting.

5. Perfume
If a man looks and smells great it’s for the best. She will simply want to smell your presence, to feel you.

6. Having style
Expensive and well-known brands aren’t the only solution. What matters is the way a man is able to wear a certain jacket or the way he arranges his tie. Finally, I am talking about the right attitude matched with the right clothes.
Avoid clothes that won’t fit you, even if they are in style. Don’t go for very large pants or short pants and long socks.

7. Communication
For sure a smart talk is the road to a woman’s heart. You have to know when and how to start a topic and keep it alive, in the most intelligent way possible.

8. Cooking skills
Most men have no problems in handling a barbeque in open air, but if you do well in kitchen too, this will impress any woman. It doesn’t mean you have to be a famous chef; you just have to know the basics.

9. A sensitive nature
Sensitive means: empathy, trust, confidentiality. When a woman trusts you and shares her feelings and experiences with you, she wants somebody to listen to her and give her confidence.

10. Humor
A man with a good sense of humor is sexy. Women think that if you can make her laugh in public, you can make her giggle in bed, too. Yes, we really love having fun in bed.
I wrote about attitude, manliness, confidence, humor, communication… We are not looking for Brad Pitt, but for a man who can make us feel good.

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