What does a manís dresser speaks about him

What a does manís dresser speak about him?


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When it comes to our professional life we all know how important image is. Happily, women know by instinct how to match their clothes in order to send the right message. Sadly, most men have no idea what they’re saying with the clothes they’re wearing.  

Truly, our appearance speaks a lot to a woman, even before initiating a conversation. Try remembering the young attractive woman you noticed at the coffee shop this morning. Would you have been still so impressed if she was wearing a pair of jeans and a baggy jacket, instead of the white summery thin dress and delicate sandals? The idea is that a man’s clothing is as important and decisive as a woman’s taste in style.  

1. Shoes

You start scanning a person from toes to head. So the first thing that pops in a woman’s view when you get near her is your shoes. If you want to give the appearance of a worthy man, base your image on a pair of dapper modern shoes, black or brown. Just avoid athletic shoes if you’re not a professional athlete because you won’t be taken seriously.

2. Jeans

You can’t wear, at a date, the same jeans that you’re wearing when you’re mowing the lawn or going to the supermarket. You should wear a form fitting pair of jeans, not too large, long or short. Opt for comfortable jeans but remember to be fashionable.

3. Shirt

The common long sleeve shirt will save you. It’s handy to roll up the sleeves a little if it gets warm and you can also match the shirt with a sport coat, if it’s too cold without a jacket.

Wearing a suit to a date is not a clever move since it might make you look overdressed. Plus, suits always bring the office mood and what you want is a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Trying to be fun and inspire a worry-free attitude is a good idea, but don’t push it with too much color or too many patterns.  The clothes you’re wearing always need to match with your attitude.

4. Accents

Opt for elegant, simple jewelry. Nothing more than a watch and a leather belt with an elegant buckle. If you want to use gold, be really careful and choose only the basics, like a tin bracelet or necklace.

Even if some people still find the view of a man with an extra-full wallet attractive, most women refuse to appreciate the image. Why? Because it’s called show-off and no quality woman likes this attitude in a man.

Create the right appearance with the right clothes and you will get your ideal lady.

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